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Peggy Wolf


Wow! I was blown away when I saw the work of Peggy Wolf. Her use of color, shading, and mixed media is phenomenal.  The pieces shown here all convey a sense of mystery and have you wondering about the story behind each of these women.  You can see and purchase (they are very affordable) your favorites at […]

Marta Biesla


These beautifully surreal illustrations are the work of Marta Bielsa of Madrid, Spain. I love them all but my favorites are the classic children’s portraits that also feature Furbys and Trolls and who hasn’t had a bad hair day like the one above? Visit the website or Behance to see more.   pb Images:Behance/Content:Eclectic Living Home

These stunning illustrations by Greece-based Christina Papagianni, a.k.a. XRIS, are provocatively full of raw emotions and innuendo. Her attention to detail allows you to feel as though you can really see into the eyes of her subjects and share their feelings. See more of her work on Deviant Art.   pb

Twin sisters Anna and Elena Balbusso of Milan, Italy are the creators of these lovely illustrations. They have been published by many companies and publishers around the world in everything from ads, children’s books, newspapers, and magazines to classic novels, the first few are from “Eugene Onegin”. They have been awarded the Gold Medal in […]



My Dead Pony a.k.a. Raphaël Vicenza of Brussels, Belgium, is a self taught artist that mixes digital media,watercolors, and sketches to create these works that are heavily influenced by graffiti, fashion, and street art. While beautiful they also touch on various topics or feelings that are common to many. Visit his website to learn and see […]

Sarah Watts


Atlanta-based Sarah Watts left the corporate world after working for Carter and International Greetings and now as a freelance artist “works 24-7 and loves it.  Her first published book gig, The Tilting House written by Tom Llewelyn, she illustrated at the age of 23.  She will not rest until a shark eats her or she is abducted by aliens.” […]

Many of you may be familiar with the work of Budi Satria Kwan, aka Radiomode, since his designs have been commissioned by Gap, Yahoo, Tiger Beer, Mberry, Urban Outfitters, Threadless, and Shicon just to mention a few. Mostly known for graphic T-shirt and print designs, his work is also featured on speakers by Urban Fidelity , prints may […]