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Animal Farm


I understand and appreciate art and sculpture featuring animals, however, I really get interested when animal forms are fashioned into everyday useable objects. This assortment offers designs that range from cute to crikey! Enjoy. pb via

We all crave the iconic mid-century modern styles we have come to know and love, but, is it necessary to spend a small fortune for originals?  Usually your bank account will decide for you, however, if you are lucky enough that money is not a problem, then binge away.  However, if you don’t have the […]

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 recently shared his home with Architectural Digest.  The home features a surprisingly comforting and eclectic vibe gleaned from the mix of mid-century modern furnishings,tufted sofas, moody colors, and arresting photographs. The space was designed by Mark Haddawy.

We are indeed fortunate to have in our environs, local artist, Ron Jasin.  Ron offers fantastic retro-style art at affordable prices as well as gig posters for many artists,such as My Morning Jacket, The Hold Steady, and Drive-By Truckers, to check out or purchase his work click here, but if you are in town come […]



The meaning of the color turquoise is open communication and clarity of thought. A blend of blue and green, shades of turquoise have the same calming effects of both those colors, much as the sea. Turquoise is used in all areas of the medical field due to it’s calming effect on patients. Ranging from sky blue to deep […]

Swank is defined as a dashing smartness, or posh style.  Does your space resonate dashing smartness? No, then below are some styles that will help you on your way. pb

Sid Avery was a photographer and director that had a knack for capturing movie stars in private moments.  The photos below are primarily from the 50’s and show stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Dean Martin, Marlon Brando, and Humphrey Bogart. I find it quite refreshing to see these un-staged photos, I mean, Rock Hudson washing his […]