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Peggy Wolf


Wow! I was blown away when I saw the work of Peggy Wolf. Her use of color, shading, and mixed media is phenomenal.  The pieces shown here all convey a sense of mystery and have you wondering about the story behind each of these women.  You can see and purchase (they are very affordable) your favorites at […]

You probably wouldn’t expect these mixed media collages to come from a former environmental scientist, but that is indeed the case. The shadow boxed collages blend her love of nature and vintage photos along with a touch of humorous quips inserted in some of the works. See more on her website. Images via

These beautifully surreal works are from Grand Rapids, Michigan based artist Christina Mrozik. She enlists a variety of media but favors ballpoint pens, inks, and watercolors. To see more of her work visit her on Behance.

Marcello de Simone and Bruce Wayland created Little Owl Design in 2009 and both share interests in the fine arts, as well as art history, fashion, and of course, design. In the series “Altered Perspectives” they take fairly ordinary plates and pair them with paintings to create an extraordinary new look for upcycling with a […]

Twin sisters Anna and Elena Balbusso of Milan, Italy are the creators of these lovely illustrations. They have been published by many companies and publishers around the world in everything from ads, children’s books, newspapers, and magazines to classic novels, the first few are from “Eugene Onegin”. They have been awarded the Gold Medal in […]

Although I am not usually big on fashion photography, I came across these gorgeous photos and thought they deserved a share. These photos are the end result of high-end retoucher Cristian Girotto of Paris, France. What’s a retoucher you ask? It’s someone who with pencil, knife, or brush alters a negative or positive after developing […]

Cerise Doucède


These shots take days to set up but the result is worth it. Cerise Doucède creates magical and mysterious moments out of everyday mundane situations. Ideas just out of reach, overwhelming situations in life, and endless possibilities are imagined. To learn and see more visit her website . Click images to enlarge.     pb Images:Cerise Doucède […]