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Here in Louisville we are pretty proud of the Green Building, the first building in our city to receive LEED Platinum certification (the US Green Building Council’s designation of a sustainable building). The Green Building is also host to offices, an art gallery, and event spaces.  pb What makes it so “green”? Re-Use Design: The […]

A recent exhibit at 21c Hotel and Museum, here in Louisville, featured the work of Anthony Goicolea whose provocative and often unsettling photography and drawings offer an interesting look, albeit sometimes staged, at  what is not quite ordinary life. His work would bring an unexpected touch to your decor.  To see much more of his […]

Malcolm Leland


I found out about Malcolm Leland after seeing his Martian bank and decided to delve deeper.  He began his career as a potter and ceramicist, winning the Good Design Award from the Museum of Modern Art in 1955 for his ceramic bird shelter. In the mid 50’s he decided he wanted to work on a […]

Maharam Fabrics


New arrival in Louisville yesterday! The first of a shipment of new Maharam fabric samples, with 30 more styles on the way, will now join our growing Maharam library. All may be purchased by the yard or bolt and are available in other colors. They are also suitable for upholstery or custom furniture. Please contact […]

Dramatic Dining


Is your dining room or area just a space you pass by everyday? Why not make it a special and exciting experience for you and your guests to dine in?  Below are some examples of great dining spaces that might even turn that leftover pizza into a gourmet experience.  pb via 1 & 2 See more […]

The historic exterior of the Keating Hotel gives no hint of the modern design within.  Located in the Gaslamp district of San Diego, the stunning interiors were designed by Pininfarina, designers of Ferrari and Maserati fame.  It was also recently updated by noted chef Gordon Ramsey.  pb via Eclectic Living Home, Louisville, KY

Black Out


You simply cannot decide on a color for a room and see no end in sight. Have you ever considered painting a room black? Too scary? Pick a small space such as a bathroom or foyer and balance with light and shine to create one of the most dramatic spaces in your home. After all […]