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Okay, this has nothing to do with designing your home, but who says you can’t be stylish in the great outdoors?  These fabulous tents by Field Candy will set you apart from the rest, to say the least.

How excited were we when we opened fave magazine Dwell earlier this year to find a home featured here in Louisville!  To read more click here

Many think that contemporary style is automatically cold and uninviting. Honestly, it can be sometimes but it doesn’t have to be.  By mixing the often rigid metals, glass, and plastics of modern furnishings with the warmth of wood and textiles, contemporary style can be downright red hot as illustrated below in the images from The […]

Have you ever wondered how those magazine layouts of gorgeous rooms came to be? Furthermore, have you wondered how to achieve this in your own home?  All designers know and use the basic principles of design in each room they do to obtain those fantastic results.  Below are explanations and examples of each principle to […]

Check out the visually stunning Airstream featured on Design Milk . To read more click here

We had so many favorites this year.  Below are just a small part of the list.



Working in renewable wood and using craft skills both thousands of years old and brand new, Frederick Chaffin specializes in making the impossible real. And really beautiful. You truly must come by our Frederick Chaffin gallery to fully appreciate their beauty and craftmanship.  Many pieces are made from locally fallen trees and are the perfect […]