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Cyril Roland


Cyril Roland (a.k.a. Aqua Sixio)began experimenting with digital drawing in 2003 even though he had never drawn before. He needed the creative outlet to offset his studies to be a clinical psychologist. He eventually graduated to Photoshop and Wacom tablet and “This allowed me to reproduce photos, all while experimenting with colors and tools. Studying […]

These stunning illustrations by Greece-based Christina Papagianni, a.k.a. XRIS, are provocatively full of raw emotions and innuendo. Her attention to detail allows you to feel as though you can really see into the eyes of her subjects and share their feelings. See more of her work on Deviant Art.   pb

These are not photographs, they are all drawings done in ballpoint pen, sometimes the common Bic pen at that. Listed on Deviant Art under Viana Arts, this is the work of 29 year old Samuel Silva, an attorney based in Portugal. From the artist “Ballpoint pen is not my only medium, it’s just the one […]

I came across these stunning floral photos on, fittingly enough, Beautiful Life. They are by Oer-Wout and more of his work may be seen on Deviant Art.   pb

After graduating from Tokyo National Fine Arts University in 1982, Hirotoshi Itoh went into the family business as a stonemason. He uses stones found in a river near his home and for the sculptures that seem impossible to create in the hardness of stone. What, you don’t have a stone change purse? More of his […]