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Lacking focus for a color scheme in a room re-do? Let your choice of art do the work for you. The most successful rooms are almost always the result of finding the “inspiration piece”.  Find a painting or print that you love and you’re halfway there. If you don’t have a big budget search flea […]

The Coca-Cola MusicBottle is a top contender for Best.Idea.Ever. The company Generally and Especially has designed a new red cap that converts the top into a recorder mouthpiece while the bottom part of the lid can be used to punch holes in the empty bottle. The bonus? Peel off the label to reveal how to […]

At first I thought this was just someone having fun with taxidermy however it turns out to be an actual exhibit that runs through February 3rd at the Natural History Museum in Vienna. Photographer Klaus Pichler is the best person to describe the series and be sure to check out his other works on his […]

These delightfully quirky and colorful spaces are home to Haydn and Terri Cornner along with their two daughters and chocolate Lab, Doris. Haydn is a painter, illustrator, and graphic artist whose work leans toward the surreal, having been influenced by Hieronymus Bosch and Fergus Hall just to mention a few. The house vibrates with color and […]

These photo collages by Katrine Kalleklev blend old photos with various animal heads to create an odd yet nostalgic look at strange days gone by.  Check out more of her sketches, illustration, and black and white photos on her website.    pb Spotted on Lustik

Sarah Watts


Atlanta-based Sarah Watts left the corporate world after working for Carter and International Greetings and now as a freelance artist “works 24-7 and loves it.  Her first published book gig, The Tilting House written by Tom Llewelyn, she illustrated at the age of 23.  She will not rest until a shark eats her or she is abducted by aliens.” […]

A Pale Palette


Artist and stylist Thea Beasley found this building, previously owned by the Board of Education, in a suburb of Atlanta and has spent the last 20 years bringing it to the glorious loft that it is today. by using a creamy white background and neutrals Beasley created a canvas for her collections and furnishings. The rich […]