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Just in case you were wondering, yes, you can now purchase your very own large scale images from Wes Anderson‘s The Royal Tenenbaums, a personal favorite of mine.  Criterion has recently shared these images and you can choose from a collection of 8 book and magazine covers.    pb

These wood sculptures by Italian artist Verginer are life-sized and painted in vibrant colors which are beautiful due their simplicity. To see more of his work visit here. Found on JE;SU.   pb

If you are looking for a way to jazz up your interiors look down. Floors are often the most ignored design platform and usually serve their duty as plain hardwood floors or carpet. The same goes for stairways, they offer a perfect canvas for your creative side and by painting the treads and or risers […]

As we near the official end of summer what better way to celebrate the season than paying homage to one of the best photographers of the mid-century years. These fabulous photos by Slim Aarons perfectly frame the era in which they were shot. I think the reason I find them so appealing is that everything […]

Are you living the romantic life? No? If you would like to add an exotic, mysterious air of romance to your home these spaces may inspire you to do so. Romantic style is not limited to just the bedroom, it can be added to most any space in or outside your home. Does this mean […]

This pre-war apartment, located in New York, was designed by Christina Murphy to give an air of youth and cheeriness despite it’s age.  The striking green foyer is the first hint of what’s to come. The apartment has a living room, family room, den, and large dining room that also features a sitting area therefore […]

Only two hours to our north, Indianapolis,IN is host to these beautiful blue butterflies created by Tasha Lewis, a native of the city. The guerilla sculptures adorn public spaces, meter boxes, and other less attractive spots. The artist has created hundreds of the winged beauties and they are eco friendly in that they are easily […]