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Tim Tadder is up to his fabulous water hijinks again with Water Wigs. We previously featured his stunning projects Immersion and Fish Heads on previous posts and if you haven’t seen them they are definitely worth a look. This new project is pretty simple as Tadder explains “We found a bunch of awesome bald men and hurled water […]

Brock Davis


Brock Davis wears many hats, and not just banana trucker ones, he focuses not only on photography and illustration, but also in art and creative direction with quite humorous results. You can follow the Minneapolis, MN based artist’s work on most all social networks but he has just released his favorites from 2012 on Behance […]

How can you have a festive holiday table without Pee Wee Herman? I couldn’t personally, but if P.W. Herman isn’t tops on your list then how about Mr. T? Or Frankenstein? No matter, there are plenty of charmingly creepy styles to choose from at the Etsy shop owned by L.A artist Angela Rossi, a self-taught, outsider artist […]

Lotte van Dijck


I came across these delightful creations this morning and had the hardest time editing the choices for this post. Lotte van Dijck , an artist, illustrator, singer and songwriter from the Netherlands, draws these whimsical little characters on her own photographs transforming everyday, sometimes bleak, spaces into whimsical “photographics” that are certain to make you […]

Happy 2 B Sad


Although it is unclear whether Natalya Lobanova is genuinely sad, it is clear that her apathetic attitude will make you laugh and the drawings are lovely. See more here.    pb

From the Netherlands comes a product that will certainly take the top spot on your current wish list. Everyone certainly yearns for a hot tub that you can put in the water and sail. Don’t they? They are available for sale starting at around $9000 or can be rented if you are in the neighborhood. […]

Dish It Out


Want to liven up your next dinner party? Does your child need direction while playing with their food? Star Wars fans feeling left out? Missing John Water’s quirky take on life? Maybe one of these lines of fine plates will do the trick. To get details and shopping info find it here on Trend Hunter.   pb