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Congratulations to two of our own product lines here at Eclectic Living for being named Editor’s top picks from the High Point Furniture Market, American Leather and Gus Modern. Both the Aaron chair and the Root occasional table are things of beauty. You can read the entire article at Interior Design, the pieces are listed […]

I have been a long-time fan of and absolutely adore the work of artist Matte Stephens, I can’t decide which I like best, some of the amusing titles or the art itself. Based in Portland where he lives with his wife Vivienne and his cat Simon, Stephens is a huge mid-century modern fan and his […]

98 feet above the Belgium countryside sits Patrick Mets’ dream home, a retired water tower.  Having been interested in water towers since he was a teenager, Mets finally found this one in 1996 and paid $43,000 for the structure. Five years later and with a price tag of $2.1 million, the 4,843 square foot, six […]

I don’t know about you, but eating while staring at “Cock and Bull” a giant sculpture by controversial artist Damien Hirst, suspended 13+ feet  above dining tables, would be quite off-putting to say the least.  The piece features an actual Hereford cow and rooster preserved in a steel and glass tank filled with formaldehyde (anybody’s stomach […]

The Gas Lamp by La Firme isn’t fueled by gas but the shade is in the shape of a propane gas tank and the huge match the pull string. Love the concept! Thanks to Christina.   pb

Interior Designer Emily Summers has restored this ignored home to a cool and serene midcentury oasis located on the 14th hole of the Eldorado Country Club in Palm Springs, CA.  The furnishings in the space are from the designer’s collection and are quite the eye candy. If that tall backed vanity chair ever needs a […]

These unusual wall-mounted sculptures, by Yasuhiro Sakurai, caught my eye as they are mysterious women with different hairstyles carved from cypress.  He is Tokyo born and based, completed the Master Course in Sculpture at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music and is represented by Galleria Grafica Tokio.   pb