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These beautifully surreal works are from Grand Rapids, Michigan based artist Christina Mrozik. She enlists a variety of media but favors ballpoint pens, inks, and watercolors. To see more of her work visit her on Behance. Advertisements

Cyril Roland


Cyril Roland (a.k.a. Aqua Sixio)began experimenting with digital drawing in 2003 even though he had never drawn before. He needed the creative outlet to offset his studies to be a clinical psychologist. He eventually graduated to Photoshop and Wacom tablet and “This allowed me to reproduce photos, all while experimenting with colors and tools. Studying […]

Sarah Watts


Atlanta-based Sarah Watts left the corporate world after working for Carter and International Greetings and now as a freelance artist “works 24-7 and loves it.  Her first published book gig, The Tilting House written by Tom Llewelyn, she illustrated at the age of 23.  She will not rest until a shark eats her or she is abducted by aliens.” […]



Fantastic illustrations from self taught (!) Alessandro Sicioldr. To see more of his work visit Behance or his website.   pb About the artist and the series… “Wunderkammer is a series of “Tavole” (Tables) that describes in a scientific form contents coming from unconscious. A spontaneous plant-and-animal kingdom living in the abyss of the mind. Sicioldr is […]

Mai Ly Degnan


Mai Ly Degnan is a freelance illustrator and grad student in MICA’s MFA Illustration Practice program and has website and blog devoted to, as she puts it, “just a bunch of drawings, pugs, and John Waters”. The quirky little characters in her drawings certainly stole my heart as did her miniature matchbook series and her […]

Brock Davis


Brock Davis wears many hats, and not just banana trucker ones, he focuses not only on photography and illustration, but also in art and creative direction with quite humorous results. You can follow the Minneapolis, MN based artist’s work on most all social networks but he has just released his favorites from 2012 on Behance […]

Edward Fairburn


Illustrator Edward Fairburn has used many surfaces to create his works upon, from toast to playing cards, but a more recent canvas has been maps, or “Human Geographies”, and preferably those that can be folded. A self proclaimed “mail artist”, Fairburn has used the postal network as an alternate gallery since the age of 15. To learn […]