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This glamourous yet funky apartment, in Notting Hill, belongs to Bea Deza, creator of the Sister Jane fashion line. Contributing to the lounge mood in the living room, guitars keep company with a nattily dressed giraffe head clothes form, Fornasetti print, and animal head trophies. In the kitchen a crystal chandelier and gilt mirror add a decided […]

Dilka Bear


Artist Dilka Bear, resident of Triste, Italy, worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for four years then chose to follow her calling as a freelance artist. Her sweet but forlorn little girls are often depicted with objects that should bring them joy but do not perhaps due to their suspicion of the world surrounding […]

These retreats are not for the faint of heart, no, these bedrooms declare the fearless personalities of their owners, loud and clear.  Caution has been most delightfully thrown to the wind, and I think, with fantastic results. Whether it be bold colors, eye-popping patterns, or intense moodiness, these rooms feature components that are one-of-a-kind, just […]

Edward Fairburn


Illustrator Edward Fairburn has used many surfaces to create his works upon, from toast to playing cards, but a more recent canvas has been maps, or “Human Geographies”, and preferably those that can be folded. A self proclaimed “mail artist”, Fairburn has used the postal network as an alternate gallery since the age of 15. To learn […]

Through the use of both dramatic artificial lighting and skylights installed in the floor, this 1st floor apartment with basement is anything but dark and dreary. Thanks to a collaboration including award winning Porras & La Casta Architects this lovely Madrid apartment truly marries history with modern day while maintaining an air of whimsy.  The common […]

WIshing you the best holiday possible! Spotted on Apartment Therapy

Burning Desire


These curious little works are fashioned from spent matches and are the creation of IT specialist Stanislav Aristov, a native of central Russia. The idea came after he entered a photo competition but really had no inspiration for the subject matter. He just happened to strike a match and then noticed the intricate patterns in the […]