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Having owned quite a few of these elegant creatures, I was thrilled to see the quite colorful, or sometimes all white, beauty of the Siamese fighting fish or Betta captured through photography. Visarute Angkatavanich, based in Bangkok, began photographing them, as well as other species, three years ago after seeing them at a fish show. […]

You probably wouldn’t expect these mixed media collages to come from a former environmental scientist, but that is indeed the case. The shadow boxed collages blend her love of nature and vintage photos along with a touch of humorous quips inserted in some of the works. See more on her website. Images via

Do you find yourself staring over and over at that big blank boring wall that you still don’t know what to with? Whether you rent or own there are many options to liven up those fearsome walls without breaking the bank. Below are some ideas that might work for you. 1.If you have a fear […]

“When I saw the hordes of parrots of several hundred birds, I was very scared, it was like, I had fallen into the movie “bird” directed by Hitchcock. Birds in this photo were brought to Japan as pets from the tropics in 70’s, and went feral; settling in Tokyo. Parrots should not be in Tokyo. […]

Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh are the creative forces behind this campaign for Aizone, a Middle Eastern department store, that will be featured in newspapers, magazines, and billboards all over Lebanon. The pair are a NYC based design firm that “creates identities, commercials, websites, apps, films, books and objects for clients, audiences and ourselves.” Click […]

I did a post a little over a year ago about the ever intriguing Vivian Maier, the fiercely secretive nanny that was also a phenomenal street photographer, even her closest friends had no idea of her hobby. She would travel the streets of primarily New York where she captured the “real” people and situations of […]

Although I am not usually big on fashion photography, I came across these gorgeous photos and thought they deserved a share. These photos are the end result of high-end retoucher Cristian Girotto of Paris, France. What’s a retoucher you ask? It’s someone who with pencil, knife, or brush alters a negative or positive after developing […]