Dark Danish Style


This is the dark hued home of multi-talented Morten Bogh Andersen, Danish designer, artist, and architect. He designed the Eton of Sweden’s flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York and his home is a reflection of his mastery of scale and restraint. The home is stylish without being “over-styled” and though it offers little in the way of color, I found it to be quite an interesting use of a monochromatic palette due to the use of varying textures,finishes, and the incredible amount of light that fills the home.  All images from Planete Deco.    pb


4 Responses to “Dark Danish Style”

  1. 1 Stacey

    You find the most beautiful interiors! Always inspiring to me.
    LOVE those PK22 chairs in the 2nd picture. Oh how I’ve wanted one of those. Just one… is that asking too much? (giggle)

  2. 3 Jen

    Fascinating and very moody! Much like the owner(s) I’m sure…

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