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One of the kings of eclectic style, Philippe Starck, has collaborated with Bettis-Tarazu Architects along with YOO, to bring this 56 story hotel to life with vibrant color and a striking mélange of styles to Panama. Personal favorites include the marble chairs, the tree ceiling, and that fantastic escalator area. Images via

This trio of adorable fairy lit treehouses were built by architect and environmentalist Peter Bahouth to serve as a “fort for grown-ups”. The houses, linked by swinging bridges, are named “Mind”, “Body”, and “Spirit” and feature a living room and a bedroom with a bed that slides out to offer a better view of the […]

Bathroom Bubble


You knew after Bubble Rooms the Bathroom Bubble was sure to follow. This concept is for the ISH Expo in Frankfurt, Germany, which bills itself as the “The world’s leading trade fair for The Bathroom Experience, Building, Energy, Air Conditioning Technology, and Renewable Energies” and takes place  from March 12-16. The Bubble Bathroom is apparently for […]

The Glass House


You too can own a Glass House by Carl Santambrogio, if you have some pretty deep pockets, think half a million and then add some more. This one is located in Milan and offers views of well, everything. Most all items are made of glass including the dining table, stairs, and bookcase. The blue tinged […]

The stunning piece of architecture is the “Under the Moonlight” house by Giovanni D’Ambrosio and is located in Mount Hotham, Australia. D’Ambrosio states the home was “designed with care in order to prevent damage to local vegetation and trees. Roof is made out of insulated metal and accomplishes with functionality of any climate. Its brownish colour matches […]

Through the use of both dramatic artificial lighting and skylights installed in the floor, this 1st floor apartment with basement is anything but dark and dreary. Thanks to a collaboration including award winning Porras & La Casta Architects this lovely Madrid apartment truly marries history with modern day while maintaining an air of whimsy.  The common […]

Spanish architect Anna Noguera has transformed this 16th century building into a modern living space with a world of character. Rather than robbing the attention from the existing architecture, the carefully chosen modern furnishings complement the patina of the rough stone facades.  Noguera has successfully negotiated the unlikely marriage of both 16th and Mid Century […]