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If you live in the UK you might be able to visit this very special vehicle, a classic Citroen houses a very unique experience for martini lovers. The brainchild of London based branding agency Ragged Edge, the Boulangerie François camionnette is a very intimate bar for just two guests per visit and is part of […]

Imagine celebrating the last glorious days of summer with a picnic brunch by a glistening body of water. Now pump it up quite a few notches. Who wouldn’t love arriving to the spot in this gorgeous cherry red woody style ride with a coordinating pull along camper? Yes! Please! Upon arrival the back door opens […]

This trio of adorable fairy lit treehouses were built by architect and environmentalist Peter Bahouth to serve as a “fort for grown-ups”. The houses, linked by swinging bridges, are named “Mind”, “Body”, and “Spirit” and feature a living room and a bedroom with a bed that slides out to offer a better view of the […]

You may look at this gorgeous Chicago apartment and say “Wow, the tenant must pay a pretty penny for rent”. Not so much. This particular tenant prefers to spend his money on the design elements filling the space, so he sublets his two adjoining one-bedroom rental apartments and sleeps in a coat closet with just […]

Bathroom Bubble


You knew after Bubble Rooms the Bathroom Bubble was sure to follow. This concept is for the ISH Expo in Frankfurt, Germany, which bills itself as the “The world’s leading trade fair for The Bathroom Experience, Building, Energy, Air Conditioning Technology, and Renewable Energies” and takes place  from March 12-16. The Bubble Bathroom is apparently for […]

Yes, these gorgeous interiors are contained in only 3 rooms, and wow, what wonderful rooms they are. The owners recently sold a newer, larger home located in Gothenburg after finding they preferred this smaller apartment located in an 18th century building where they could enjoy city life in the heart of Stockholm. The minimal space […]

Dynamic Dining


Is your dining spot ready for the holidays? If not, time’s a wastin’. These dining spaces all scream one thing, personality. The biggest roadblock to achieving the room of your dreams is often you. We see elegant, formal dining spaces with crystal chandeliers and velvet chairs and….zzzzz. Sorry nodded off there, those rooms are great […]