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One of the kings of eclectic style, Philippe Starck, has collaborated with Bettis-Tarazu Architects along with YOO, to bring this 56 story hotel to life with vibrant color and a striking mélange of styles to Panama. Personal favorites include the marble chairs, the tree ceiling, and that fantastic escalator area. Images via

Hilla Shamia


I am deeply in love with this exquisitely beautiful furniture by Hilla Shamia who pours melted aluminum onto naturally ragged wood pieces, a process she calls wood casting, resulting in these tables and benches. I am also quite happy to see a female furniture crafter which is urging me to learn how many more are […]

I can’t take my eyes off these stunning tables by Greg Klassen! He takes wood pieces found on rotting trees or construction sites and marries them with glass to mimic rivers ambling along their shores. Beautiful. See more if his work here. pb Some images via

This is an interesting concept, a coffee table that is designed to allow you to grow vegetables, fruit trees,or have a zen garden. Design studio Bellila has created Volcane and Lagune, coffee tables that feature built-in gardens. Prices range from  They even have mandarin trees you can purchase for your new coffee table. Sweet.     pb Spotted […]

A New Life


There are some amazingly creative minds out there especially when it comes to repurposing and upcycling. Even though I am huge on recycling, I admit that I probably wouldn’t have thought of many of these ideas, washtub chandeliers, seats made from tires, a pool made from an old dumpster, shoe organizers as wall planters, and […]

Color Cortija


This wonderfully colorful home is sure to add some cheer to those suffering from the winter blues. Interior Designer and artist Javier Requejo transformed this ancient Galician farmhouse, or cortija, located in Northwestern Spain, into a cozy, welcoming home which is even enticing to the horse. The majority of the furniture,sculptures, and lighting are by Requejo.    pb […]

Local craftsman Chris Krauskopf of Classic Woodworking, located here in Louisville, uses no machines to construct these stunning rocking chairs, only hand tools as you will see in the photo of his workshop below. He has developed a system that matches the length of specific rocker parts to specific measurements of your body for an […]