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This charming four story hotel, located on the outer edges of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, is a beautiful homage to Juliette Récamier, a Parisian socialite who was most popular during the days of Napoleon. Designed by Anne Gelbard, the spaces harken back to the times when the leading literary, artistic, and political figures flocked to her salon to experience the latest […]

From the Netherlands comes a product that will certainly take the top spot on your current wish list. Everyone certainly yearns for a hot tub that you can put in the water and sail. Don’t they? They are available for sale starting at around $9000 or can be rented if you are in the neighborhood. […]

This is UK designer Christopher Jenner‘s vision of how Eurostar should look and he feels the transport system is in desperate need of a makeover. Will this ever happen? Not likely, but it is a lovely vision as it is appointed in hardwood, brushed brass, yellow tufted and winged seats, with wide windows to watch […]