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Jimmy Schonning


Swedish designer Jimmy Schonning designs are a breath of fresh air.  He manages to bring modern chic and timeless design to spaces while evoking an instant coziness. Enjoy his designs below.  pb   Advertisements

As we are focusing on bedrooms this month the major component in the bedroom is the bed. The biggest task is finding the right match for you. How do you determine which bed to choose? The guidelines below may help. 1.Decide if you prefer the softness of fabric upholstery that can add texture and color,or,do […]

Shine Shine or reflective surfaces are very important to your small space.  Mirrors are not the only sources for bringing light into your home, think also about glass, metallic finishes, and glossy accessories.  All of these products help bounce light throughout to create a sense of space as well as adding some bling to your […]

Storage Everyone knows that storage is the key to getting the most out of your small space but let’s be honest, it’s not always very attractive.  Below are some solutions to your storage issues that are both efficient and easy on the eyes.