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If you live in the UK you might be able to visit this very special vehicle, a classic Citroen houses a very unique experience for martini lovers. The brainchild of London based branding agency Ragged Edge, the Boulangerie François camionnette is a very intimate bar for just two guests per visit and is part of […]

This trio of adorable fairy lit treehouses were built by architect and environmentalist Peter Bahouth to serve as a “fort for grown-ups”. The houses, linked by swinging bridges, are named “Mind”, “Body”, and “Spirit” and feature a living room and a bedroom with a bed that slides out to offer a better view of the […]

You may look at this gorgeous Chicago apartment and say “Wow, the tenant must pay a pretty penny for rent”. Not so much. This particular tenant prefers to spend his money on the design elements filling the space, so he sublets his two adjoining one-bedroom rental apartments and sleeps in a coat closet with just […]

This is not just another stylish modern interior, it is the interior of the DROP moveable suite, designed by IN-TENTA. Gone are the limitations of planning a vacation around the housing you have chosen, when traveling with the DROP you simply decide where you want to be located and you’re set. Want to be on […]

Swedish Sweetie


This darling little apartment can be rented in the neighborhood of Orgryte, Sweden and although small, it gives the impression of being larger due to the open floor plan, all white walls, and exposed beams. I would call this home any day. More information can be found on Alvhem.     pb

Simply Swedish


This lovely apartment, located in Linnéstaden, Sweden is actually on the market and if I could, I would be there tomorrow, alas, no such luck. I was drawn to this space because it looks so welcoming and comfortable and that balcony! The fireplace! If you would like to find out more about this property visit […]

This is no ordinary cluster of birdhouses, it also serves as a one person apartment. Created by nendo for the Momofuku Ando Centre the structure contains 78 nesting spaces for the birds and is located in the forest of Komoro City part of Japan’s mountainous Nagano Prefecture. The climb up that long ladder would be a piece […]