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This lovely eclectic apartment is an interesting blend of traditional, modern, vintage, and mid-century modern with vibrant pops of color and some interesting color combinations such as the regal fuchsia and grey bedroom. I especially love the wallpaper in the bathroom, the ornate chandeliers throughout and the pink light that glows in the shower. This […]

I recently revisited some gorgeous lighting fixtures and furnishings by designer Marjorie Skouras and decided to delve deeper into her style. Boy, was I blown away. She obviously has no fear in her design choices and her own house is crazy good with color and whimsy. After passing through the damask door (love!!) you are greeted […]

You have to admit that no matter how dynamic a space is the lighting can make or break the look. Here are some lovely interiors from MH1, a Toronto based firm, that illustrate the important role lighting choices play in the overall ambience of the room. Where does one obtain a fantastic choice of lighting […]

Memory Lamps


How wonderful would these “Memory” balloon lamps be for a child’s bedroom or playroom, or in any room in my house for that matter. The design is by Boris Klimek for Brokis and may be ordered as wall or ceiling mounted lamps available in varied colors.   pb Images via Brokis Spotted on and photo just above […]

A New Life


There are some amazingly creative minds out there especially when it comes to repurposing and upcycling. Even though I am huge on recycling, I admit that I probably wouldn’t have thought of many of these ideas, washtub chandeliers, seats made from tires, a pool made from an old dumpster, shoe organizers as wall planters, and […]

Wine Bottles Into Chandelier | Via The title above is a play on a previous post, if you are unfamiliar with artist Sayaka Ganz her work is a must see, all of her sculptures are made from reclaimed items..With dump site volumes increasing daily it is heartening to see so many repurposed items out there. Some are […]

Charles de Lisle waved his magical design wand over the William Wurster Ranch located in Portola Valley, California and the result is this modern, clean, and warm home. He is a master of restraint and balance, major keys to successful design. He has other “tricks” in his bag, de Lisle also designs furniture, lighting, and […]