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Do you find yourself staring over and over at that big blank boring wall that you still don’t know what to with? Whether you rent or own there are many options to liven up those fearsome walls without breaking the bank. Below are some ideas that might work for you. 1.If you have a fear […]

If you have a small space it’s best to stick to whites and neutrals, right? Not so says architect and designer Adriana Yazbek, and I think she proves her point with this delightful little apartment.  Yazbek found after renovating the space that is was filled with natural light and feels there is “no more powerful […]

If you are looking for a way to jazz up your interiors look down. Floors are often the most ignored design platform and usually serve their duty as plain hardwood floors or carpet. The same goes for stairways, they offer a perfect canvas for your creative side and by painting the treads and or risers […]

If you love the purple and want to include it in your decor there is no better way to inject a dose of sophistication than with the addition of grey. Think the combo might be too somber? Check out these beautiful inspiration spaces below and they might just change your mind. And yes, that is […]

Take a Letter


Do you use letters as part of your decor? I read last winter that this “trend” was on the way out but I don’t think that’s true or that it is exactly a trend as I am still seeing them used in current interiors and because I believe it has become a classic staple of […]

What better partner for smoky grey than one of the vibrant shades of red? Grey rooms are great but without the jolt of  a warm color they can be somber and even depressing. If you change your mind frequently, have no fear, with a base of grey walls it is easy to change small items […]

It is always a conundrum when faced with displaying treasured photos. Which layout? All color or black and white? Grid pattern or random? Here are some wonderful options for your next photo display from the simple to the sublime courtesy of Shelterness.   pb