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Loving this idea from Tiffany of Offbeat & Inspired for a way to combine all of your mismatched silverware into one cohesive collection. I have tons of random silverware that is more than due for their makeover. The bonus is how easy it is to do. Just paint, let set for 48 hours, and then […]

A New Life


There are some amazingly creative minds out there especially when it comes to repurposing and upcycling. Even though I am huge on recycling, I admit that I probably wouldn’t have thought of many of these ideas, washtub chandeliers, seats made from tires, a pool made from an old dumpster, shoe organizers as wall planters, and […]

Wine Bottles Into Chandelier | Via The title above is a play on a previous post, if you are unfamiliar with artist Sayaka Ganz her work is a must see, all of her sculptures are made from reclaimed items..With dump site volumes increasing daily it is heartening to see so many repurposed items out there. Some are […]

Jenny and Paul Camlett were judged Best Apartment by Period Living magazine’s 2012 Reader’s Awards. I fell in love with this gorgeous Victorian maisonette the Camlett’s worked so hard to restore. The dramatic wall color provides the perfect foil for the stylish furnishings and accessories while in other rooms light walls do the same for […]



Have you been in a frustrating search for fabric that you can see in your imagination but cannot find? If you aren’t familiar with Spoonflower it might be time to check them out. I have long admired them for offering a way to create fabrics of your own design and now they are offering removable wallpaper […]

The most searched item on this blog is creative, or alternatives for, headboards. Since we no longer buy furniture sets very often and with the lousy economy we have to look for ways to either express our individuality or save money, or both. Here are some more ideas for creating your own.  All of these […]

You might be thinking “I have no art to display”, but you don’t have to possess a great collection of paintings to accomplish a fantastic, eye-catching art wall that is sure to be a conversation starter in your own home. You can display photos, postcards, copies of images you like, magazine pages, and yes, even […]