Finding Vivian Maier


I did a post a little over a year ago about the ever intriguing Vivian Maier, the fiercely secretive nanny that was also a phenomenal street photographer, even her closest friends had no idea of her hobby. She would travel the streets of primarily New York where she captured the “real” people and situations of the time. Her archived photographs and negatives were bought at auction for $38o a few years ago and their release “rocked the art world”. I was thrilled to see that a documentary “Finding Vivian Maier” is nearing completion, watch the trailer below. Visit to see more.   pb



3 Responses to “Finding Vivian Maier”

  1. What an amazing story! The preview just made me so want to watch it – so interesting and beautiful photographs and she seemed like a bit of a weird person, that’s always cool.

    – Sofie

    • I love that she kept her “hobby” such a closely guarded secret, almost like she was ashamed of it. I think she must have been a fascinating person. And yes, weird people are cool! 🙂

  2. 3 Diane Flynn

    Actually, although she was born in New York, most of her photos were taken in Chicago, where she lived for about 40 years.

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