Conquer Your Color Fears


If you have a small space it’s best to stick to whites and neutrals, right? Not so says architect and designer Adriana Yazbek, and I think she proves her point with this delightful little apartment.  Yazbek found after renovating the space that is was filled with natural light and feels there is “no more powerful resource than color” especially in a well lit interior. This is definitely a powerful use of color in this tiny space consisting of less than 700 square feet but it also shows how well it can work.

I know using colors as strong as these can be daunting so I have always advised spending a little money before you spend a lot. Test drive wall color samples by picking up the sample sizes of your colors and paint a poster board, then pin it on the wall and live with it a few days. You should soon know if you like it or not but, if you are still not sure, live with it for a week or two and remember to always pick colors that make you happy.  As for furniture choices use colorful towels, sheets, or large fabric samples in your color choices over existing pieces to see if you like your combinations. Another way to preview your color choices is to draw out the room and using colored pencils or markers put all of your choices onto a floor plan to get an idea of how they will look together, as shown below. When you are satisfied with your selections you can make the big purchases without the fear of costly mistakes. Be fearless!     pb

Images:Casa/Content:Eclectic Living


3 Responses to “Conquer Your Color Fears”

  1. Love the colour, so cheerful!

  2. Beautiful, I adore colour! I was given a vibrant, multicoloured quilt for a wedding gift, and have become much more brave since then.

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