Cally Whitman


Cally Whitman, a talented photographer from New Zealand, is another one of those artists that somehow capture the human emotions of animals, emotional moments of humans, and the mysteries of ordinary landscapes. Visit her website to choose your favorites.     pb

From her website…
‘Thoughts on Ordinary ThingsUnpromising subjects are presented in an ideal way; as they could be (and perhaps as they were once perceived to be) rather than as they necessarily are.

The images seek to capture those things that have become more favorable in the memory than in the seeing.
Cally is a photographic artist from New Zealand with romantic notions of finding value in banality. Her work identifies aesthetic value where none appears apparent and invites viewers to reflect on our rural beginnings.After graduating in photography in the early 90’s she went on to show and sell her work, which led to a number of awards.  She worked in the industry until having a family in early 2000.Her particular interest has always been in the fine art genre and recently this is where she has come back to.’

Spotted on Looks Like Good Design


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