Happiness in Hastings


These delightfully quirky and colorful spaces are home to Haydn and Terri Cornner along with their two daughters and chocolate Lab, Doris. Haydn is a painter, illustrator, and graphic artist whose work leans toward the surreal, having been influenced by Hieronymus Bosch and Fergus Hall just to mention a few. The house vibrates with color and personality from their choices of art, fabrics, wallpapers, furnishings, and accessories which were either collected locally or as souvenirs while traveling. From the fully working hair salon dryer to the most unusual stereo system that works by a valve and horn system rather than transistors, this home must radiate happiness even on the dreariest of days.     pb

Spotted on Wealden Times


6 Responses to “Happiness in Hastings”

  1. Rhanks for sharing. That’s what I call a house with character! Love it! Bests Monika

  2. I love how personalised they’ve made their home! 🙂

  3. I love all the bright colors and eclecticism!!

  4. Wow! What a cool home. Love the bathroom!

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