Human Abstractions


These arresting photos are by David Fitt, a Paris, France based director and photographer, and upon reading his theory below i didn’t agree. After adding the photos and looking at them a few times I admit I started having a problem determining if I had repeated any of them, so I think he might have a good point. See more of his work on Behance and his website,    pb 

From the artist…

“When a word is pronounced a dozen times in a row, it loses its meaning, only to be a mix of sounds and letters. When you stare a little while at someone’s face, it loses its beauty or ugliness only to be a weird mix of eyes, nose and mouth.

Once you experience this, it makes you feel like you are not a human anymore, like you are disconnected from reality and like you were confronted to another species. But they (and we) are still humans. They just got abstracted.”

2 Responses to “Human Abstractions”

  1. 1 Grace

    looks like my passport picture

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