The Peacock Spider


No, this hasn’t turned into a Science and Nature Blog but I couldn’t pass these by.These stunning photos are of the tiny (smaller than a housefly) Peacock Spider and those wildly colorful flaps are used to attract the opposite sex. They also wave their arms to attract attention and Jurgen Otto, through macro photography, has captured these creatures on film. Nature never fails to amaze. Watch the clip to see them in action.    pb

Spotted on 123Inspiration


7 Responses to “The Peacock Spider”

  1. Wow, This little spider is fascinating, I didn’t even know they existed, Thanks for sharing.

  2. unbelievable! natures art is wonderful

  3. These photographs are amazing! I’ve never thought of spiders as beautiful before, I might just have to change my opinion (as long as I can admire them from a distance)!

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