The Rocking Chair Man


Local craftsman Chris Krauskopf of Classic Woodworking, located here in Louisville, uses no machines to construct these stunning rocking chairs, only hand tools as you will see in the photo of his workshop below. He has developed a system that matches the length of specific rocker parts to specific measurements of your body for an exquisite piece of furniture that fits your body like a glove.

We often sit in the one in the store to straighten out our backs after a day hunched over the computer or moving furniture around. After just a few minutes in the chair your back feels measurably better. There are rockers made to fit the female body frame and also those to fit the male frame. Interestingly enough, everyone that has tried the chair, of all sizes and sexes, has loved the way it fit their body and how it made their back feel.

Chris uses only hand tools in part to help revive the 7000 year old craft of furniture making by hand and because he feels hand tools allow a certain degree of freedom in design. The Bonn-Zero G chair, made of Kentucky Black Walnut and Curly Maple, recently won the prestigious “Best in Show” award at the Fine Furnishings Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in October of this year.To learn and see more visit his website.  pb

Bonn Zero-G “Best in Show” winner


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