Dynamic Dining


Is your dining spot ready for the holidays? If not, time’s a wastin’. These dining spaces all scream one thing, personality. The biggest roadblock to achieving the room of your dreams is often you. We see elegant, formal dining spaces with crystal chandeliers and velvet chairs and….zzzzz. Sorry nodded off there, those rooms are great but I find them infinitely unattainable for the most of us and they somehow do not inspire one to hang out over a cup of coffee.

Dining with family, friends, or just your significant other should be about enjoying each other’s company and most importantly of all, being comfortable. These spaces offer many ideas to inspire you to create your own unique space that expresses your personality. Remember, if you love it that is all that matters, not what your friend, sister, or mother says. Sure their opinion counts but stay true to what you know you are comfortable with and have fun, designing your home should not be a misery. Take the space above, we previously featured those fantastic hat light fixtures and they are a perfect way to add fun and lighten the mood, even if the in-laws are coming.     pb

Here the black and white mural is accented with bright yellow to create an interesting but comfortable space.

What a wonderfully rustic place to dine with no fuss.

No snoozing over the cornflakes here. The graphic walls are a guaranteed wake up.

The strong geometric lines play perfectly with the Mondrian wall art.

Diva alert! Why not up the glam factor? The pink boa and large mirrors add pop.

One fabulous chair was the beginning to this safari inspired dining space.

Mix it up! This space gains interest from mixing patterns and colors.

 Serene space created with a mural wallpaper and simple white table and chairs.

Short on space? This cozy and colorful dining space was created at the foot of a staircase. Brilliant use of a tiny spot.

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