More Than Human


London based photographer Tim Flach has an uncanny ability to photograph animals while capturing their expressions or body language that is eerily human. In these photographs from the series ” More Than Human” the animals seem to convey a wide range of human behavior from anger to despair as well as sly knowledge,vanity, and deep love. To see more of his work visit his website but do not leave it without checking out the equally stunning “Equus” and “Dogs Gods” series as well.    pb

Spotted on 123Inspiration


2 Responses to “More Than Human”

  1. Pam, Pitter-Patter goes my heart. I’m in love! I’ll take them all. Brilliant works! T. (They all look so regal.)

  2. I felt the same way and I was thinking is it because they are out of their naturally setting and they feel more important or reverential to be the focus of attention? I just thought they were fascinating!

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