Simple Style


This home, located in Akkrum, a village in the Dutch province of Friesland, was purchased in 2005 by a couple who had rented the house for 16 years. (!) After buying they decided to renovate by opening up the drop ceiling, installing a radiant heated concrete floor and painting yellow brick black. As they explain “For other people, yellow gives a happy sunshine feeling, but for me it was terrible and depressing,” says Paula. “I need black and white and gray, the colors of Friesland. Yellow is an extrovert color. But I am a person who stays inside myself.”  I love the comfortable simplicity of the home and where else would laundry drying on the line look totally natural and even a bit artistic?    pb 


One Response to “Simple Style”

  1. Reblogged this on montsemoze and commented:
    So, as a young Designer, I find myself inquiring the style I prefer the most… there are so many different but yet amazing styles, tastes, flavors, textures.
    This for example would be a little bit to cold for me, but I do like it…

    I so look forward for every kind of challenge life (and design) puts in my way.

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