Talents Design Icons


Mad Cow armchair by Samuel Ben Shalom

Have you gotten Mad Cow armchair yet? Neither have I, but I could if I wanted to (and if I had thousands of dollars lying around to spend on it) which I do not. The Talents Design Icons website allows you purchase accessories and furniture that previously were thought of as prototypes only. Owner and Architect Gal Gaon is committed to seeking designers that can bring the latest in cutting edge styles and making them available to everyone in the form of “limited collections, collections in production, and conceptual designs that can be developed with other companies and brands”. I say Mr. Gaon deserves respect for his support of emerging designers and giving them an outlet to pursue their art as well as “constantly developing the ‘next thing’ to the market”.   pb

Reggiano Tables by Aviad Mishaeli

Sliced Red Console by Samuel Ben Shalom

Lace Carpet the Sun by Moshe Roas

Nude by Yuval Shaul

Leaf Table by Aviad Mishaeli

Hunter by Studio Godspeed

Volcano by Samy D

Strata Stone Table by Ilan Pivko

Mad Horse Table by Samuel Ben Shalom

2 Responses to “Talents Design Icons”

  1. That stone table looks amazing. Some interesting designs – not sure I like them all but they are all very interesting to look at.

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