The Great Outdoors and Indoors


Found on Trendir, this window seat is like no other I have seen. It offers a spectacular view to diners or becomes an inspiring spot for reading, although it might be hard to decide whether to read or look out that window. Located in Sydney, Australia the home was designed by Carter Williamson Architects and they incorporated a feeling of being one with nature throughout the space.  Mirror back splashes reflect the views and the whole space feels open and airy while at the end of the kitchen a huge sliding door moves completely out of the way to really bring the indoors in.   pb


One Response to “The Great Outdoors and Indoors”

  1. 1 Jeni Johnson

    Our main entry is wide like the one above, no screen, just glass door and shades and opens up like French swinging doors. I don’t minding insects as long as they don’t mind us. I love the airyness and openess amd hoep we contine living this way for the rest of oir lives. You can see our entry doors on my Blogging Central post back in May….

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