The Walking Bed


Did I say dead? No, bed, naturally. This is the creation of artist Pascale Navarro and is shown by, and in, a lovely water setting at different times of the day. The artist’s statement on the piece…

“Without reproducing it faithfully, Walking bed evokes the bed of Little Nemo. In a famous 1908 board, Nemo’s bed grows and spans the window of his room, probably bound for Slumberland, the country of the princess. In the final box, Nemo wakes. But what about the bed of his dream? Perhaps it is he who, like a wader in the song of frogs Grand Boise, yet the surface course of our dreams.”    pb


One Response to “The Walking Bed”

  1. 1 Jeni Johnson

    Very original and unique sculpture. With photoshop and other like it in popular use, his sculpture could be easily photographed and manipulated within a scene. I like how truly represents his sculpture withi. A natural setting. Try exhibiting this one, it’d be outdoors! Ohhhhh a great concept, outdoor exhibit in nature. I like it!!!!

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