Southern Loft


You might look at these photos and think, “Oh sure, another beautiful professionally designed home”, but you would be wrong. Elizabeth Hanson designed this home before seeking any training in design. Hanson stumbled onto the loft space by accident and vowing to only live in a top unit, after years of living in lower floor units elsewhere, was delighted to find that a top corner unit was still available. She purchased it with the request that no finish work be done and forged on to oversee the interior design herself. To read more of the interview on Atlanta Homes Magazine click here .


5 Responses to “Southern Loft”

  1. Cheers to Hanson then for her design. Nothing against hiring a professional to design a space, but if you had the talent to do it yourself with this skill, then more power to you. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

  2. 3 Jen

    By the graces of GOD may I please have her place! Everything about it is, CITY PERFECT for my tastes….Would make a great city retreat, Southern modern style!!!!! Wow! Great find!

  3. 5 Life & Sunshine

    Absolutly stunning! What an awesome space to call your own 🙂

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