A Fab House


Found on Planete Deco, this Sparrowbush, NY residence is a weekend retreat for Bradford Shellhammer, co-founder and Chief Design Officer of Fab.com, and his partner Georgi Balinov. Mr. Balinov gave Shellhammer full rein to do whatever he wished design wise. He proceeded to incorporate his love of “Scandinavian electro-pop, paisley print, and all things Eames” into the space. To say that finding furnishings and accessories were not an issue really goes without saying. According to the NY Times, “since it’s founding last June,Fab.com has become a runaway success: it says it now has more than 5.5 million members and employs more than 400 people, selling an average of 3.4 products a minute. And last month, the company announced it had raised $105 million in new funding, in addition to previous funds totaling $51 million, as it continues to expand.” The house is an explosion of color and fun, from the toy filled shelf in the dining area to the party palooza kitchen, this space is a blast of in your face design. I say fabulous job Mr. Shellhammer.    pb  


7 Responses to “A Fab House”

  1. FAB House. Dream House. I’ve packed my bags!! Theadora (I’m mad about the airplanes, the globe, the chalkboard, the donuts, and the Dylan poster. Let’s not forget to mention the colors and patterns, too. Gosh, I’m in love.)

    • I know!!! I really couldn’t find anything I didn’t like and I must confess I was thrilled to see that they also have a Pee-Wee Herman doll just like mine. This home allows you to relive your childhood, teen, and adult years!!

      • Yes!! I’m still smiling. I think I need more primary colors in my life!! T. (I also dig the plates on the wall.)

  2. i love the wall with airoplanes!JUST AMAZING!!!

  3. What a happy-looking house! The kitchen, I want that!

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