The Art of the Wine Cork.


I love the world we live in, especially the creative arts portion. I think it’s extraordinary how so many artistic minds are coming up with new ways to craft their talent. Take Scott Gundersen for example, an illustrator and artist based in Grand Rapids, Gundersen uses thousands (3600-9000+) of used or recycled corks and pins them to drawings derived from photographs to create large scale portraits. Amazing! To watch time-lapse video of the process go here.    pb

All images from This is Colossal.


6 Responses to “The Art of the Wine Cork.”

  1. 1 Sarah

    Reblogged this on Works by Sarah Nibecker, John Noonan and friends and commented:
    This looks so cool and they must be huge!

  2. 2 Jeni Johnson

    Splendid! I’ve been saving my wine corks, displaying them in a glass bowel as decor. I’ve shared this on my FB page so thank you for continuing your quests on great posts! 🙂

    • So have you started a “portrait” yet?

      • 4 Jeni Johnson

        Not that patient…:)

      • Just wondering if you are having this issue, I am liking different posts and when I go to reader or back to the post,it doesn’t show that I have liked it.

      • 6 Jeni Johnson

        No I haven’t looked back to see whether my I likes disappeared…hmmmm. Hope you figure it out! Usually I like and make an effort to comment to show my fav’s extra luv! 🙂

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