But Debbie…Pastels?


Pastels are no longer limited to little girl’s rooms. Although Morticia Addams would be disgusted, it is perfectly acceptable to feature pastels in your adult home. You certainly don’t want to end up with a Strawberry Shortcake house and by following the ideas in these rooms, Strawberry will be but a distant childhood memory (or nightmare?). These spaces work because pastels are mixed with rustic, wood, or darker elements, allowing the lighter shades to shine and providing the eye with a place to rest. None of these rooms look fussy, they look comfortable and inviting don’t you think? Pastels are wonderful choices for those who work daily with bold color or in stressful environments.     pb



6 Responses to “But Debbie…Pastels?”

  1. 1 Stacey

    So pretty! I always love seeing pastels in gorgeous photos but for some reason never choose them for my own home. I could probably use a little softness to tone down some of my daily stress. I’ve never seen a pink shell chair! HA! I wonder if Charles Eames would approve? (laughing) But hey it really works here, doesn’t it?

  2. 3 Kristyn

    I love pastels! Especially mint ones 🙂 So fresh and young. Love your blog!

  3. 5 Jeni Johnson

    You know, the washed out rustic really goes well with pastels… If anyone is afraid of bright colors, pastel palettes would be a great start. Hmmm I should try that. I’m a cream, white, gray, black person….

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