540 Square Feet of Style


Jessica Helgerson Interior Design features this gem of a house located on 5 acres on Sauvie Island, north of Portland that is being “recycled” for the fourth time.  It was built in the 1940’s as housing for shipyard workers, then flooding in 1948 floated the house to Sauvie Island where it became a goose-check station, and it was later remodeled for rental housing. When the owners purchased the home in 2008 they remodeled without adding on to the square footage so placement and storage became key elements.

The great room contains the kitchen, dining room and living room with sofas that double as beds for guests, drawers under the sofas and shelves.  The master bedroom is a sleeping loft accessed by a ladder and the children’s room features bunk beds as well as a full bed, also for guests. The walls are clad in reclaimed wood siding, the floors local Oregon white oak, and the dining table from locally salvaged walnut. Even though the home is small it is a destination for regular weekend guests and the owners have added a green house, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees.  They also raise chickens, keep bees, and make cheese from the milk of neighboring goats and cows. Whose says the country life isn’t the best life?   pb


One Response to “540 Square Feet of Style”

  1. 1 Jeni Johnson

    White and crisp, just how I like it!

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