Art: Maker’s Mark Style


Loretto, Kentucky’s Maker’s Mark Distillery, Inc. partnered with Louisville advertising agency Doe-Anderson Inc. nearly 30 years ago to create the iconic billboards we see everyday here in Louisville, KY.  They have just been honored with the OBIE Hall of Fame Award for 2012 from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America for their often sharp and witty billboard ads.  However, Bill Samuels, Jr. had a tough time kicking off the campaign, Bill Samuels, Sr. was totally against advertising of any kind. As Samuels explained this morning on a local show, Great Day Live, he had to present the concept to his father as a conversation starter about the bourbon, not, that they were trying sell anything.  In honor of Maker’s Mark Hall of Fame award, the Pyro Gallery, 624 W. Main St., is hosting an exhibit, “Wax Eloquent.” It will run from Thursday, May 24 to Sunday, May 27, featuring various billboards capturing Maker’s Mark outdoor campaigns over the past 30 years will be on display.     pb


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