The Green Building


Here in Louisville we are pretty proud of the Green Building, the first building in our city to receive LEED Platinum certification (the US Green Building Council’s designation of a sustainable building). The Green Building is also host to offices, an art gallery, and event spaces.  pb

What makes it so “green”?

Re-Use Design: The 110+ year old building was checked for weak points, they were carved away to allow for re-use form to emerge. The center of the building maintains a visual connection to every space in the building.

Water Efficiency: No city water is used for the landscaping. Storm water is either absorbed by the green roof, collected in three large rain barrels, or directed into a rain garden, where the toxins are removed by plant material before reentering the ground water system.

Energy-efficiency: The Green Building saves 30,000 pounds of CO2 a month, more than enough to offset the carbon footprint of all its employees’ vehicles. Thanks to 81 solar panels, a 1,100 gallon ice storage system, and twelve geothermal wells 225 feet underneath the building, The Green Building’s total off-grid energy efficiency is up to 68% and it outperforms Kentucky energy codes by up to 65%

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Eclectic Living Home, Louisville, KY

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