MCM Cravings:Modern Surfer


Let’s say dear old Uncle Fred leaves you his huge prized stuffed Sailfish, what now? Build a stylish Surfer lounge of course. No, I am not an advocate of theme rooms, I am a staunch opponent actually, however, I also would find it quite odd to walk in a room and see a huge fish on the wall with no relative reason.

This would be more of a” mood” room and should evoke a feeling of being near the beach and that you could possibly go surfing, even if you live in ,say, Kentucky.  It’s all about memories of a vacation, or even an experience or lifestyle you would like to explore. Just a few touches are all that is necessary to create a feeling of sea, sand, and sun.

This is also achieved through the color scheme, blue-ocean, orange-sun, wood-sand. To balance the deep blue of the Sailfish, the deep blue credenza was chosen, without it the fish would take over the room.  The natural complimentary color to blue is orange, hence the sectional, the Moroccan rug helps to tie together the two hues. All of this is tempered with white, natural woods, and interesting art and sculpture. Sprinkle in a few metallics here and there to weight it down a bit and you have the formula for a great space.   pb

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