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Dwell Studio and Robert Allen continue their collaboration, this being the fourth, with a new line of vibrant indoor/outdoor Sunbrella fabrics with catchy names like “Jungalow” and “Finmark”. The best thing about most of Sunbrella fabrics is that they can be cleaned with soap and water and many can be cleaned with bleach, so say goodbye to mold or mildew. View the entire collection here.   pb



Having spent her childhood between two nature preserves in Brilon, Germany had to serve as inspiration for the artist Moki. Her relationship and understanding of the landscapes surrounding her is evident in the surreal paintings that often depict humans being one with or emerging from nature. To see more of her work, which also includes comics, photography,and animation, visit her website.      pb

Images:Lustik/Content:Eclectic Living Home

All of these bedrooms have one thing in common, they all personify the style of their owners. Whether it be through a dynamic color scheme or the dramatic contrasts through the use of accessories, fabrics, and wallpaper, they all enjoy their own unique brand of personality. Many feel the bedroom should be filled with neutrals and whites to allow one to obtain the most restful night’s sleep and that’s all well and good, but I personally find neutrals quite boring and all white rooms make me nervous. I have learned that I crave color and drama to enjoy my surroundings. If you feel the same way here are some great examples of making a statement in your bedroom’s design.    pb

Images:Skona Hem ,Hus & Hem/Content:Eclectic Living Home

Marta Biesla


These beautifully surreal illustrations are the work of Marta Bielsa of Madrid, Spain. I love them all but my favorites are the classic children’s portraits that also feature Furbys and Trolls and who hasn’t had a bad hair day like the one above? Visit the website or Behance to see more.   pb

Images:Behance/Content:Eclectic Living Home

Marcello de Simone and Bruce Wayland created Little Owl Design in 2009 and both share interests in the fine arts, as well as art history, fashion, and of course, design. In the series “Altered Perspectives” they take fairly ordinary plates and pair them with paintings to create an extraordinary new look for upcycling with a twist. Be sure to also check out their line of unique Dutch Sky wallpaper which features photos they took in The Netherlands.   pb

Images:Little Owl Design/Content:Eclectic Living Home

Cristiane and Marcelo Rosenbaum, both designers, created the interiors of this 1960′s house with Brazilian folk art as the inspiration. Their main purpose was to show appreciation of Brazilian heritage, crafts, and arts. The pair did not stick with traditional surface options either, they actually created some of the coverings for the floor and walls, The end result is that they love the house and neighborhood so much that they rarely dine out, instead preferring to invite friends over to dinner “which always ends in a big party”.   pb

Images:Milk Mag/Content:Eclectic Living Home

Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh are the creative forces behind this campaign for Aizone, a Middle Eastern department store, that will be featured in newspapers, magazines, and billboards all over Lebanon. The pair are a NYC based design firm that “creates identities, commercials, websites, apps, films, books and objects for clients, audiences and ourselves.” Click images to enlarge.   pb

Images:Sagmeister & Walsh/Content:Eclectic Living Home


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