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tumblr_n8u1uyjCux1qbe766o5_500 Cyril Roland (a.k.a. Aqua Sixio)began experimenting with digital drawing in 2003 even though he had never drawn before. He needed the creative outlet to offset his studies to be a clinical psychologist. He eventually graduated to Photoshop and Wacom tablet and “This allowed me to reproduce photos, all while experimenting with colors and tools. Studying psychology at the time, I needed an outlet, a way to express myself, to exist, to create something, to dream a little, to play with colors. For me creating was personal, I wasn’t studying art. I wanted to create my own universes and tell stories, like in video games or how Tim Burton does.” His patience has paid off, his works are universes we would all like to visit. pb


I recently revisited some gorgeous lighting fixtures and furnishings by designer Marjorie Skouras and decided to delve deeper into her style. Boy, was I blown away. She obviously has no fear in her design choices and her own house is crazy good with color and whimsy. After passing through the damask door (love!!) you are greeted by a camel? deer? Who cares, it’s wearing a fez. Topiaries in the bedroom, naturally, apparently real sea creatures in the dining area, of course, would I love to visit her home? Absolutely.  So, cheers to her for not caring one iota about what others think, but, just for the record, I think her style is divine.  For shopping info click here and here .    pb[1][1]977017-11[1][1][1][1][1]9771[1]

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“When I saw the hordes of parrots of several hundred birds, I was very scared, it was like, I had fallen into the movie “bird” directed by Hitchcock.

Birds in this photo were brought to Japan as pets from the tropics in 70′s, and went feral; settling in Tokyo. Parrots should not be in Tokyo.

I was shocked by this strange spectacle, felt uncomfortable and continued taking photographs.”

I was a little surprised by this quote from Yoshinori Misutani’s website but then I thought while we are quite immune to the generally neutral robins, sparrows, and everyone’s favorite, the pigeon around us everyday how would we feel if they were replaced by the vibrantly colored parrot? I think we might be a little freaked out as well. pb

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Visit the website for Yoshinori Mizutani


I can’t take my eyes off these stunning tables by Greg Klassen! He takes wood pieces found on rotting trees or construction sites and marries them with glass to mimic rivers ambling along their shores. Beautiful. See more if his work here. pb




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You have to admit that no matter how dynamic a space is the lighting can make or break the look. Here are some lovely interiors from MH1, a Toronto based firm, that illustrate the important role lighting choices play in the overall ambience of the room. Where does one obtain a fantastic choice of lighting options and still benefit a local business? My favorite is Alcott & Bentley, located in my beloved city of Louisville in the delightfully eccentric Highlands neighborhood. They are experts in all aspects of lighting both inside and out and are always ready to help with any questions. pb
You can check them out/order online at






As Kelly Wearstler demonstrates above, the tried and true color scheme doesn’t have to look stodgy. Below are more examples of how other designers have injected a modern take into this scheme. Click for larger images, all are from Domaine. And yes, I am very happy to rejoin the blogosphere after a very long hiatus. pb









Modern Bungalow


Dwell Studio and Robert Allen continue their collaboration, this being the fourth, with a new line of vibrant indoor/outdoor Sunbrella fabrics with catchy names like “Jungalow” and “Finmark”. The best thing about most of Sunbrella fabrics is that they can be cleaned with soap and water and many can be cleaned with bleach, so say goodbye to mold or mildew. View the entire collection here.   pb


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